Sides and Snacks

Busy Girl’s Tzatziki

Why busy? Because traditional recipes say to wait overnight but HEY I don’t have time for that! In all seriousness, before you keep reading, I have two disclaimers: Most recipes ask you to wait overnight because cucumbers are full of water, and you don’t want that water releasing into your tzatziki once combined with the […]


Gnocchi White Bean Soup with Fresh Dill

There is nothing like a warm bowl of soup on a cold summer’s day. Yes, you read that right. For those unfamiliar with Carmel, our default summer weather is FOG. Now, the thing with soup is it can be incredibly slow and involved (read: simmer for hours), or fast and easy. This soup is the […]


Easy Garlic Baked Cod with Fresh Dill, Lemon, and Tomatoes

Ironically, white fish tends to be the black fish of the seafood family. When faced with options like salmon, ahi tuna, prawns, etc… few people will pick the common white fish like cod or tilapia or halibut. I think this is because it’s extremely easy to overcook it or under-season it and end up eating […]