Gnocchi White Bean Soup with Fresh Dill

There is nothing like a warm bowl of soup on a cold summer’s day. Yes, you read that right. For those unfamiliar with Carmel, our default summer weather is FOG. Now, the thing with soup is it can be incredibly slow and involved (read: simmer for hours), or fast and easy. This soup is the […]

Sides and Snacks

Herbaceous Fries

Making French fries at home is easy, delicious, and way healthier. Once you add in fresh herbs on top… they become irresistible!

Dressings and Marinades

5 Ingredient Salad Dressing (Cilantro)

Do you know the phrase, “Everything but the kitchen sink”? That is how I would describe the genesis of this dressing. I have a bad habit of excitedly buying fresh herbs my recipes call for, using them once in said recipe, and promptly forgetting about them in the bottom drawer of our refrigerator until they’re […]