Sides and Snacks

Weekday Hummus

Have you ever tried making hummus? You’ll laugh at how easy it is. Grab a can of chickpeas and tahini and let’s get blending! Ingredients: 1 can (15.5 oz chickpeas) 1/3 cup tahini 3 tbs lemon juice (medium lemon) 2 tbs olive oil (+ more for drizzle) 1/3 cup water 1 clove of garlic (peeled) […]


Lemon Bars

Wishing you had an easy, 5 ingredient desert for tonight? These lemon bars are sweet, tart, custardy perfection!


Ginger Peach Lemonade

A perfect lemonade to make on hot days when you want a drink that’s light and refreshing with a little zing!